LOOK: Heartbroken Family of Missing Pups Gets Wonderful Birthday Gift

MochiYoko, and Seulgi are not just dogs, they are family. So when all three of them disappeared one night while the family slept, Alma Paz and her family were devastated.

Dogs are not just dogs… They’re family too!
We will miss you YOKO, MOCHI, SEULGI.


Newly shaven Yocho, Seulgi, and Mochi with their dad (Latest photo of the pups.)

This happened in Bocaue, Bulacan in the early morning hours of October 30 while the family was home in Bulacan for the holidays. Alma kept the beloved pooches–Yoko (grey Shih Tzu, 6 y.o.), Mochi (black dachshund x mini pincher, 2 y.o.), Seulgi (dirty white Lassa Apso, 11 mos)–in a room by the front of the house. When the family woke up, the dogs were gone.

Kung kanino man pong mabuting kamay napunta ang mga asong to…Sana po alagaan nyo silang mabuti. D po basta “mga aso lang” ang ninakaw nyo…Myembro na po sila nang pamilya namin. Mahal na mahal po namin sila. Bahala na po c Lord sa inyo.

(Translated) Whoever has my dogs, please take care of them well. You did not just steal dogs, you stole members of our family. We love them very much. May God have mercy on you.

The family suspects that the dogs were stolen. The room where the pooches slept had its own front door. Alma says they did not lock this door that night, secure in the knowledge that the gate protecting the house was padlocked. The thieves must have scaled the walls, says Alma.

Mochi Sleeping-with-Papa-and-Mama - Missing dog in Bocaue Bulacan

Mochi sleeping between mom and dad

She speculates that the pooches, closeted in the room by themselves for hours, must have been so excited to leave the room that they didn’t care who opened the door.

The gate’s padlock was intact… Obviously, the thieves went over the fence. Wala naman po akong narinig na kakaibang ingay kahit pagising-gising ako that night kasi po may newborn baby ako. Katabi lang po nung room na tinutulugan namin yung room ng mga aso. Yun nga lang po may aircon kasi kaya saradong-sarado. Sa excitement din po siguro ng mga asong makalabas, they didn’t care who opened the door. Wala rin po akong ni katiting na suspicion that it can happen kasi ‘di naman po nag-warning yung sister ko about thieves… Akala ko safe pa sa hometown ko tulad ng dati..


Yoko, still with full grey fur, sleeping peacefully

The room where the family slept was just next door. But because it was airconditioned, door and windows were closed. Alma says she did not notice anything unusual, preoccupied as she was with her newborn baby.

Mochi, when he was still safe with his family

The family reported the theft to the local barangay and police. For almost a week, they were in anguish. They begged friends and netizens for help in securing their furbabies.

WhenInManila.com was about to publish their call for help when something wonderful happened…

Birthday Wish

Alma got in touch with us again and happily shared that their Mochi, Yoko, and Seulgi are on their way back to their home in Metro Manila. On Mochi’s second birthday, the dogs were returned to their house in Bocoaue under mysterious circumstances.

Today is my furbaby Mochi’s 2nd birthday. And I guess we both received the best gift ever. ? My sister just called telling me my furbabies have been found! Thank God! I’m no longer interested with the details… All I want is that they are all safe. Thanks to all of you who helped and prayed. God bless…

Alma said she is not interested anymore in knowing more. What’s important is that her babies are back.

Seulgi Missing Dog in Bocaue Bulacan

Seulgi is bigger and shaven now.

What happy news! We are all so glad that the family is back together again.

We also appreciate how a community, online and offline, came together to support a family in distress.

In the meantime, how can we keep our pets safe, given so many dangers around? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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