LOOK: Google Doodle Features Adobo

If you think of the Philippines,  you will think of all the amazing food the country has to offer. This March 15, Google puts a spotlight on a dish everyone knows and loves- Adobo.

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Though there are many different versions of Adobo from various regions and provinces, Adobo remains to be a staple in households, restaurants, and carinderias. Though there are other adobo recipes, the usual base will always be meat, soy sauce and vinegar. It is sometimes changed up or some ingredients are added for more flavor.

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“Adobo is an important part of the story of Filipinos. It is an evolving, well-loved comfort food or way of cooking that crosses all economic boundaries, said Mervin Wenke, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs.

When you click the google doodle, you will be taken to pages worth of adobo and we’re sure you will end up craving a dish… or two.

In previous years, Google Doodle also featured Dolphy, Regatta de Zamboanga, and the Puerto Princesa Underground River, just to name a few.