LOOK: Get to fulfill your flower field dreams in Benguet!

You don’t need to travel outside the country to admire flowerbeds that all around you!

Many tourists flock to countries such as Holland, France, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan to be able to experience being fully surrounded by flora. Well, you save a lot on splurging for international flights – if you’re fixed on seeing those, rejoice!

We now have a flower field to enjoy right here in the Philippines!

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Located up North, travel bug Cam of Rest Day Adventures documented her visit to the Northern Blossom Farm located in Atok, Benguet. It’s approximately 6 hours away from Manila.

According to Rest Day Adventures, the attraction is famous for its cabbage roses. Featured flora also includes the Pink Snapdragon, White Snapdragon, Larkspur and Matthiolas.

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Yes, feel free to stop and smell them all, or simply admire the picturesque, mountainous view Benguet has to over.

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