LOOK: Get Quick, Quality Dishes Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Written by Joseph Cesar

Delicious and convenient meals—who doesn’t want that? Not everyone has the time (or energy) to prepare good and healthy meals everyday, so that is the need Mister Delicious aims to address.

Being parents of two small kids, couple Jen and Jeremy Slagle faced difficulties every parent can relate to—the lack of time to cook delicious, satisfying, and healthy meals for them and their children. No matter how fun, the matter of fact is, in this fast moving world, not everyone has the time to spend an hour or two every. single. day. dedicated just for cooking.


Having a lot of experience as chefs in France and being restaurant consultants in the Philippines, Jen and Jeremy created Mister Delicious to combine delicious food and convenience.

The decorated veterans carefully constructed their menu through days and nights of experimentation and research. The end result? Outstanding to say the least. So stop calling that fast food chain and don’t miss out on the delicious food by Mister Delicious!


These are the reasons we love Mister Delicious.

Safe and quality ingredients


Anyone who cooks would know that ingredients is the key to making great food. Mister Delicious uses fresh market ingredients to ensure that they get the freshest vegetables, most tender cuts of meat, and overall the best ingredients possible in order to create mouth-watering meals. Prepared in their FDA approved facility, Mister Delicious ensures security and utmost care for each and every dish. 

Variety — so much to choose from!




Have you ever tried eating only your favorite food for an entire day? Or maybe having the same thing for breakfast 3 days straight? Well, if you have, then you’d know that no matter how amazing the food is, you’d quickly grow tired of it. We are hardwired to seek patterns in every aspect of our life, but our taste buds aren’t.

Thankfully, Mister Delicious has more than enough choices so you don’t have to repeat a meal for at least a week or more! Pasta, rice meals, pita bread, classic Malaysian dish Beef Rendang, American Smoked Turkey, and Bacon Pot Pie—these are some of our favorites, and you will have more combinations to choose from!



The best part about Mister Delicious, you can have them right at home. I mean, seriously…you have classically-trained French chefs who have worked all over the world—France, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and in Michelin-starred restaurants—cooking for you, and having the meals at the comfort of your own home. Just order and they will deliver.

You can even order in bulk and store the meals in the freezer if you want to prepare ahead or if you’re going on a trip and want to pack your own food!

Mister Delicious is a savior. No more boring meals, tiring end-of-day dinners, and unhealthy food. If you’re still not sold, there’s really only one way to find out. Try out their products by checking them out through the links below.

Mister Delicious

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