LOOK: Female commuter complains about men who don’t give up their seats

Commuting in the Philippines is practically hell. Nothing ever runs on schedule, the buses and jeepneys are always full, and when you do finally catch a ride, it’s standing room only more often than not. These harsh realities affect and take their toll on everyone. It’s brought up the question of giving certain individuals preferential treatment when commuting.

There are some that still believe women should have different privileges than men when commuting. Specifically, they think that men should be giving up their seats for women in a full train car or bus. This photo shows one such example. Another commuter was able to snap this woman writing the status: “Good Morning. Yung tipong mas marami ang lalaking nakaupo [kesa] babaeng nakatayo sa bus.” (Good Morning. That kind of thing where there are more men sitting than there are women standing on the bus.”)



The Reddit thread where this was originally posted discusses how only Senior Citizens, PWD’s, and pregnant women/women with children are entitled to a seat when commuting. Since men and women pay the same fare, they have equal rights to a seat. One commenter says that true equality is living without special treatment.

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Others would say that giving up a seat for women, even if they are perfectly healthy, is still the polite thing to do. That it’s a matter of chivalry and should be done out of good manners.

Where do you stand on this issue: should men give up their seats for women?