LOOK: Elevate Your Movie Nights at Home with These Products

It’s been a long time since we’ve all stepped inside the movie theaters. We may have a few thousand movies and shows within our reach thanks to streaming services, but going to the cinema to watch the latest films is still an experience a lot of us are craving for.

While cinemas are sadly still closed in our country, the next best thing is to replicate the movie-going experience safely at home! Here are some products you can get from Shopee that will instantly elevate your home movie nights.

10. Popcorn Maker

popcorn machine

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With this popcorn maker, you can essentially enjoy unlimited popcorn with your movie! No need to microwave a new bag of popcorn every half hour. Just pour in your kernels (which are a lot cheaper than the microwaveable popcorn bags), and in a few minutes, you’ll have fresh popcorn spilling into your bowl.

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9. Popcorn Seasoning


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To make your movie night truly your own, mix and match your choice of popcorn flavors with these seasoning choices. They’ve got a variety of flavors that will instantly make you feel like you’re eating gourmet popcorn at the most expensive cinema house.

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8. Clip-on Cup Holder


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These clip-on cup holders will truly replicate the movie theater experience. Just attach this onto a side table or a chair and you’ve got instant cup holders by your side, just like in the movies.

Buy this clip-on cup holder here!

7. Bean Bag Chair


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If you want a more comfortable chair for your movie nights, this bean bag chair is a great investment. You can’t have bean bags in the cinema, so this is definitely something that can only make your home movie nights even more comfortable. Plus, it’s a great chair option for lounging around during the day!

Buy this bean bag chair here!

6. Sleeved Blanket


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To add to your comfort while you’re watching movies, turn up your aircon or bring out all of your electric fans then enjoy snuggling under these comfy blankets with sleeves! Your movie nights will be extra cozy like never before.

Buy this blanket with sleeves here!

5. Mini-Fridge

mini fridge copy

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This mini-fridge is a must-have if you enjoy ice-cold drinks straight from the fridge. With this portable fridge, you won’t have to get up in the middle of the movie just to grab a cold drink from the kitchen. Everything you need is within an arm’s length.

Buy this mini-fridge here!

4. Ambient Lights

ambient light

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If you don’t like complete darkness while watching movies and you just love a good ambiance, this lamp is a great item to have. It features a minimalist and space-saving design that would look awesome even in the day. Plus, you can change the colors of the lamp to match whatever movie you might be watching.

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3. Room Scents


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Of course, if you want a truly upgraded movie night, you’d have to be “transported” away from your home and into the “theater”. These room sprays will trick your nose into thinking that you’re chilling in a space far from home. You can also choose your scents to match whatever movie you’re watching. Talk about an immersive experience!

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2. Soundbar


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To truly enjoy your movie night at home, you’ll need to match the thundering sounds of the actual cinema. This soundbar will do the trick. It also includes a sub-woofer for that extra kick. Many reviewers rave about the great sound quality of this soundbar—definitely a great choice for your home theater.

Buy this soundbar here!

1. Mini Projector

mini projector

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It’s not a movie theater experience without a widescreen! With this mini projector, you can easily replicate the huge screen of the cinema without any extra equipment. Just find a blank wall, point this projector at it, and you’ve got yourself an instant home theater.

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What’s your must-have item for movie nights? Share it with us!

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