LOOK: Drinking Is No Longer Allowed in Boracay’s Beaches and Public Areas

Do you still remember those photos and videos showing bottles and trash in the sea and shores after the recent Laboracay?

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Well, the local government unit did something about it by expanding its restrictions. The municipal council of Malay just passed an ordinance which aims to regulate drinking of alcoholic beverages in public areas in town, including beaches. Thus, a liquor ban will be implemented within five meters of riverbanks, public parks, and beach areas.

Aside from that, the ban also includes public areas, such as six meters from roads, streets, sidewalks and grounds. Given the new ordinance, violators will be sanctioned P500.00 for the first offense, P 1,000.00 for the second offense, and P2, 500.00 or imprisonment of 30 days for the succeeding offenses.

According to the municipal council, the restrictions are implemented to protect all parties, both residents and tourists, and the environment.

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