LOOK: Coleen Garcia’s Witty Instagram Story during the Britney Spears Concert

Many fans (hello, 80’s and 90’s peeps!!!!

) waited for (then teen) pop star Britney Spears to perform in Manila, and last Thursday, it finally happened!

Celebrities like Coleen Garcia flocked the MOA Arena to watch the 35-year-old music icon perform.

Like most concert goers, Coleen was one of the thousand pairs of hands who stuck their phones up in the air to document the concert experience.

Garcia’s uploads on her Instagram Story (a feature similar to Snapchat’s where you get to share videos and photos on your “story” for 24 hours) during Britney Spears’ concert allowed her wit and cleverness to step into the light.

Coleen Garcia 1 Coleen Garcia 2

Coleen Garcia 4 Coleen Garcia 5

Obviously, Coleen had a good time – not just at the concert but also with making her Instagram stories!

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own these screencaps. Credits go to Coleen Garcia.