LOOK: Cole Sprouse collaborates with Noah Centineo, Lana Condor, and other stars on a special project

It looks like Cole Sprouse wanted to start the year by reminding us that aside from acting in Riverdale, he’s also quite talented behind the lens of a camera. Switching from his usual role as camera subject, he took to task photographing WSJ. Magazine’s new editorial. WSJ. Magazine says of their editorial: “We talked to 10 rising stars about progress, inclusion and their responsibilities moving forward.”

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One of them is Lachlan Watson, best known as Susie, from Netflix’s “Sabrina”. She is quoted as saying: “As hard as it is, and as much pressure as it can be sometimes, I feel like everything I’ve gone through in my life to find my own identity has been preparing me to speak for so many people, in a big kind of way.”

Alisha Boe, from “13 Reasons Why”, is also featured in the editorial.

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Lana Condor’s (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) caption reads: “Where we are in Hollywood is exciting because people have a higher standard of the way they should be treated.” Lana has previously been vocal about Asian representation in Hollywood and the roles given to Asians.

Laura Harrier, of Spider-Man: Homecoming fame, says: “It’s so easy to compare and want to change yourself…I spent a long time feeling like that.”

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It’s great that all these stars came and worked together to weave a story that celebrates difference in a time of division. It shows their understanding that a shift towards diversity isn’t just an opportunity for them to benefit, but a responsibility for them to push for others as well.

Do you think we still need to push for Asian visibility in media? Let us know why! 


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