LOOK: Chooks-to-Go Channels Pokemon Go!

LOOK Chooks-to-Go Channels Pokemon Go!

A slice of the Philippines’ population turned into budding Pokemon masters when Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game where Pokemon appear in the real world for users to catch, train, battle with, and trade, briefly became available in the country. Sadly, my device wasn’t compatible so I had to live vicariously through my friends’ Facebook posts. Because of the popularity, brands and organizations joined in on the fun and created campaigns related to the game! One was MMDA, and now, Chooks-to-Go!

The chicken brand posted this clever Facebook ad with the headline “I Chooks you!” The ad features a layout similar to that of Pokemon Go, with one lone chicken for the trainer to catch. It’s an excellent example of moment marketing, where a brand takes advantage of a trend in real time.

And being a brand, Chooks-to-Go didn’t forget to promote their chicken. The post was captioned with: “Dahil ang manok namin Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce, mapapa-‘I Chooks you!’ ka talaga! GO at bili na sa over 1,000 branches namin nationwide!” (“Because our chicken is good even without sauce, you will definitely say ‘I Chooks you!’ GO and buy in over 1,000 branches nationwide!'”)

We see what you did there, Chooks-to-Go. We see it. And we’ll catch it.

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