LOOK: This Authentic Foraging Bar and Kitchen Does Rituals for Your Food and Drinks

Poblacion has become more or less everyone’s go to place today for a drink or two, or even just to eat their heart out. Its streets are full of life and people walking from one alley to another. In the city’s outskirts, however, near the residential area, lies a traditional two-storey bahay na bato-looking place where you will spot a Filipino-inspired foraging bar and kitchen on its second floor called Agimat.


Agimat is not the normal Filipino bar and kitchen that serves the usual wine, beers, cocktails, and whatnot. The establishment has a Filipino folk vibe and they demonstrate local rituals, as well as serve their own classic drinks and food in a bar (all of which are local). Their bar-kitchen has a dark folk ambience where you will spot faux branches accompanied by anting-anting hanging on each branch.

03 Interior bar

The concept of Agimat was instituted by owners Kalel Demetrio, Cassie Laus, Nino Laus, and a team that constantly travels around the country to garner as much knowledge as they can for their business.

To them, setting up a bar-restaurant is more than just putting ideas together. It involves going to places like Batangas where they can research and study the ingredients and resources needed for their establishment. Their plan is to change the menu every once in a while to cater to different cities around the Philippines. Their next stop? The Ilocos region.

11 poprice

Popped Rice served as a complementary appetiser 


Hibiscus Passion Fruit Spiritz – Php160


Burong Maliputo – Php350


Manok (Day old chicken) – Php470


Bukidnon Wagyu – Php750

Agimat, which is inspired by their first restaurant Alamat (also located in Poblacion), gets their products from scratch. Every beverage, meal, and even syrup served originates from the Philippine’s roots and soil.

Today, the establishment serves 10 eccentric drinks in line with the Philippine’s natural elements: Apoy, Tubug, Lupa, Hangin, and Buhay. As for the meals, most of the ingredients are sourced from their inspired local destinations, the mountains and seascapes of Batangas.


Gayuma ng Paraiso (Tubig) – Php310


Anting Anting ni Malvar (Hangin) – Php380

And it doesn’t end there. Another special aspect about this foraging bar and restaurant is the ritual or dance done with every drink, which involves a mixture of Filipino folk moves, beats, and sounds.

10 ritual

After each drink or dish is made, the chefs explain what the customers’ orders are made of. The establishment also follows a zero-waste routine to ensure that their servings are all environment friendly.

07ritual drink

Ritual ng Agimat (Apoy) – Php330 

15 banana

Saba (Caramelized Banana) – Php250

Agimat is definitely not your ordinary restaurant-bar spot. It’s a must-see, especially if you’re down to grab a drink or two, or want to eat something you’ve never had before.

Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen

2/F 5972 Alfonso cor. Fermina Street, Poblacion, Makati

0917 530 2580