LOOK: Actor-Politician Jeremy Marquez Graduates from College

Actor-politician Jeremy Marquez, son of actor-comedian Joey Marquez, just finished his studies with a degree in BS Business Administration majoring in Human Resource Development Management.

Marquez posted a photo from his graduation on Instagram, dedicating his diploma to his mother Francesca Siron.

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“At the age of 20 years old, my mother had to pursue motherhood instead of pursuing her college degree,” he wrote in the caption. “She migrated to America to find a better life. Mom left me with my grandparents so she can establish herself before finally taking me with her to America when I was 4yrs old. There were times when mom worked double jobs but she always found the time and energy to take good care of me and my sister.”

He shared that while his mother taught him the importance of education, he had to stop his studies to earn a living for his family.

“My mother always told me how important an education is. But like her, I had to pause my pursuit to advanced education at the age of 21 so I can work and provide for my children. At 22, I entered public service. I was elected number 1 kagawad in brgy Bf. At 24 , I entered showbiz and I performed in numerous shows on GMA 7. At 26 I decide to focus more on my public service career and I was elected again in 2007 as brgy captain. It was this time that I decided to quit showbiz to be able to give my all to serving brgy bf.”

He then said that when he found the opportunity to go back to school after his 2018 term in government ended, he took it without question. He said that he wanted to prove to people that “it’s never too late to pursue a college degree”.

“I felt it was the right thing to do to show my kids and those I serve that I truly believe in the importance of education,” he added.

He ended his story with an open letter to his mother:

“Mommy, I hope I made you happy and proud today because I did this for you more than for myself. I know how much you dreamed of finishing your studies and even more so- seeing me graduate. you did great in raising me and teaching me the proper values in life. This fateful day, you and I graduated together because I could not have done this without your love and faith in me. Mahal na mahal ko po kayo (I love you very much) Mommy!”

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