LOOK: 7 Must-Visit Thrift Shops As Shared By An Ukay-Ukay Shopper

Thrift shops are the best friend of people who want to save. Whether it is about saving money and allotting them to more important things rather than clothes or about saving the environment from the increasing problem about textile waste, ukay-ukay shopping is there to help you out.

As much as we love style and self-expression through clothing and artifacts, we also support reusing and recycling of preloved clothes and reducing all the scrap from fast fashion shops.

Luckily, we found this regular thrift shopper named Carlisle Malacad who is generous enough to share with us some of his best-kept hubs for ukay clothes. Scroll down below to find out!

7. Imus Cavite, King Bhats Ukay

Carlisle shared that, “Maraming ukayan around Imus na sobrang magkakatabi lang, kayod lang sa paghahanap.” He also mentioned that here, when shops say that they are on sale, they really are. Even the mall’s discounted items have no match against the really cheap finds you can get from King Bhats Ukay.

6. DBB-C, Dasmariñas Cavite

According to Carlisle, DBB-C will allow you to shop for OOTD-approved clothes for as low as 10 pesos. Can you just imagine the 10 days worth of outfit you’ll be able to hoard?

5. Libertad Station

From clothes and shoes up to phone cases and even appliances, Carlisle noted that Libertad Station is a one stop shop for all your shopping needs.

4. Guadalupe Station

Makati peeps, listen up! No need to go all the way to the South because Guadalupe also has must-visit shops that you need to check out.

3. Carriedo Station

Ukay-ukay hopping is best done at Carriedo Station because according to Carlisle, the shops are located in just one street.

2. Monumento Station

“Sa sobrang laki ng store, nakakatamad mag-ikot pero kayod lang – every pawis, may kalakip na magandang ukay.”, said Carlisle.

1. Olivares Plaza Tagaytay

Going to Tagaytay for a quick escape from Manila’s heat? Why don’t you drop by Olivares Plaza Tagaytay and get yourself some new clothes at unbelievable low prices?

These are just some of the ukay-ukay spots out there with really good finds waiting to be found. Be a darling and share your favorite thrift shops in the comments!

Do you have anything to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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