LOL: This man pranked his GF by surprising her tokneneng instead of munchkins!

Don’t you hate it when you open the fridge, you see a container of ice cream, only to find out it’s fish instead? Nick Laurence Agabe‘s girlfriend had the same expectations when the former surprised her with supposedly her favorite munchkins, but instead had tokneneng disguised inside a paper bag of a famous donut restaurant! The latter was excited to devour the munchkins but was surprised to see something else!

Tokneneng is a common Filipino street food; quite similar to kwek kwek. Tokneneng is a hard chicken egg that is deep-fried; coated in orange batter. It is commonly served with sweet and sour sauce.

Agabe shares to WHEN IN MANILA the full story behind the prank.

Favorite niya yung choco butternut kaya binilhan ko sya niyan, pero humingi ako ng separate na lagayan para bilhan ko din sya ng tokneneng. Una, binigay ko yung pack na may tokneneng para maexcite sya – pero pag bukas nya nasurprise sya dahil tokneneng ang laman, sobrang paasa daw (nagexpect siya ng munchkins). Noong kinakain na nya yung tokneneng, inabot ko na yung pack na may choco butternut.

Rough translation:

“[My girlfriend]’s favorite is the choco butternut munchkin, so I bought her that. But I asked for a separate paper bag so that I can buy and place tokneneng in one of the bags. At first, I gave her the bag that had the tokneneng inside to excite her. But to her surprise, it was tokneneng instead of the munchkins – she told me I kept her hopes up! When she started eating the tokneneng, that’s when I gave her the paper bag that had the real choco butternut munchkins inside. 

Prank reaction. Photo provided by Nick Laurence Agabe

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