LOL, Study Suggests Filipinos Laugh the Most in the World

It seems Filipinos laugh the most in the world!

Study Suggests Filipinos Laugh the Most in the World

This is according to a recent study, where results have shown that compared to the rest of the world, people in the Philippines laugh the most online overall.

Pop magazine Bored Panda reportedly analyzed over 30 million geotagged tweets. They wanted to see which places tweeted about laughter the most, using both words and emojis. Funnily, rankings revealed that the Philippines topped the list!

With 119.6 tweets out of 1,000 containing laughter, the Philippines is the country that laughs the hardest on X (formerly Twitter).

The fun doesn’t stop there! Following the Philippines in the top five are African countries: South Africa (106.8), Ghana (96.6), Tanzania (96.5), and Egypt (92.5).

Study Suggests Filipinos Laugh the Most in the World

The same study found some interesting contrasts as Bangladesh came in last with a mere 6 tweets expressing laughter online.

Also among the countries that laugh the least online are Afghanistan (9), Myanmar (13.2), Moldova (14.8), and Tajikistan (16.1).

08 The Countries That Laugh the Least Online

Aside from Pinoys laughing the most online among anyone else on the planet, other key findings of the study include the following:

The UK laughs the most of any European country.

Guatemala ranks #1 in North America, while the U.S. doesn’t even make it to the top 5.

Paraguay takes the lead in In South America, followed by Argentina.

🤣 is the most popular laughter emoji in North America and South America, while 😹 is the most popular one in Europe and Africa, and 😆 in Asia and Oceania.

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