LOL: Spider-Man Channels His Inner Bruno Mars in This Music Video

Spider-Man gets groovy on this music video by the Nerdist.

Spidey channels his inner Bruno Mars, performing a parody of the singer’s hit song ‘That’s What I Like’.

Wearing his spider suit along with a yellow hoodie, he performed ‘That Spidey Life’.

His dance performance came with matching lyrics like:

“Web shooters up on my wrist, you know I make it go thwip. That’s how I live that Spidey life, that Spidey life!”

Watch the full video below.

For the upcoming Spider-Man movie, Tom Holland will be behind this red suit.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is slated to hit Philippine theaters in July 2017.

So, who did it better? Spider-Man or Bruno Mars?