LOL: Anna’s Online Store Will Make You Laugh Rather Than Shop

Anna’s Online Store isn’t your typical online store. For starters, it will make you laugh rather than shop.

The Facebook page, with more than 100 thousand followers, continues to gain attention on social media. With witty posts that are going viral, no doubt the page has trended on Twitter, too.

Apparently, though, despite the digital profile picture and cover photo that make it look like an online store, the page isn’t a shop at all, but a meme page. Go ahead and judge it yourself.

Below are some posts from the page that we think you’ll find hilarious:

Annas Online Store 1

Annas Online Store 3

Annas Online Store 4

Annas Online Store 5

Annas Online Store 6

Someone on Twitter tried to expose it, in which the page reacted with a laugh and emphasized that it is a “tindahan” or store and not a “meme page.”

If you want to laugh, go check out Anna’s Online Store on Facebook.

Just make sure you’re ready because once you enter the page, you might end up scrolling down through the entire feed liking posts and reading comments while you laugh out loud.

What do you think of this witty Facebook page? Share your thoughts with us!