LOL: A supportive sister supports sibling’s job hunt by creating her resume

Lately, photos of ates or kuyas leaving baon (more often money than actual packed food!) for their younger siblings have been going around online; but the case has been different for the older sister of Princess Johara Narawi.

The older Narawi recently surprised Princess by leaving an accomplished resume of the latter, plus a Php 20 bill for fare.

The note roughly translates:

Cess, because you were jealous of the sibling that went viral on Facebook, here, I made you a resume. Apply for a job so that you can buy whatever you want. Plus, fare. (Referring to the 20 peso bill).

“My sister showed me some viral posts of Kuyas & Ates giving money & credit cards to their younger siblings,” the older Narawi shares to WHEN IN MANILA. “She did that to tease me. I am not really that kind of sibling. If she needs money from me, she has to borrow.”

Narawi narrates that when they were younger, her sister had to write a promissory note to borrow Php 20 – complete with a signature of their younger brother as a witness! “It was just silly, and we were all laughing while doing it.”

Just to clarify, my sister has a job. She’s an online English tutor. Nevertheless, I’ve been encouraging her to pursue her dreams of becoming a flight attendant. The resume I did was targeted to that.

The last time she applied, they told her she’s too young. She felt really bad after that. As an Ate, it also pains us to see our bunso doing their best but not getting what they want. The resume was just a reminder that she can always try and try again, and that her Ate always has her back.”

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Disclaimer: does not own the photo. Credits go to Princess Johara Narawi.


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