6 Local Tea Brands Selling Loose-Leaf Tea

There’s a special kind of experience that comes with brewing loose-leaf tea at your own home. Getting to control the portions, experiencing new and exciting flavors, and then being hit by the wonderful aromas when you steep them in hot water all become part of the journey of making your perfect cup.

Ahead, we’ve listed down six local tea brands selling loose-leaf teas you can enjoy to reinvigorate your senses and ease the tension amid your busy work day.

Tsaa Laya


tsaa laya

Tsaa Laya uses tropical botanicals—herbs, spices, and fruits—organically sourced and grown by their farmer partners, and packed without any artificial flavoring. Having launched its business in 2012, Tsaa Laya provides customers with unique and great-tasting teas while also helping develop a sustainable herbal livelihood with its partner rural communities.

Tsaa Laya sells both tea bags and loose-leaf teas featuring local flavors like Tanglad and Pandan, and delicious blends like Tropical Summer (mango and pineapple blended with lemongrass and turmeric) and Bughaw (butterfly pea flower blended with pandan, lemongrass, and mint).




Founded in 2018, Celestea was born out of the owner’s desire to help local farmers in rural communities bring teas straight to Filipinos. Celestea sources its locally grown teas from areas in Nueva Vizcaya, Palawan, Bicol, Antipolo, Oriental Mindoro, Bukidnon, Agusan Del Sur, and Bukidnon-Davao while their imported loose-leafs are sourced from Taiwan, Australia, India, and Malaysia. Their teas are also packaged in glass bottles while their refills are placed in ziplock bags, promoting eco-conscious consumption to its customers!

Bee Harvest


bee harvest

Bee Harvest Manila was established by a husband-and-wife tandem during the pandemic after becoming inspired to pursue a business venture in distributing locally and responsibly sourced honey from Filipino beekeepers. But aside from selling these fine honey products, Bee Harvest also has natural teas that are freshly grown in Mindanao. Some of the loose-leaf teas they have are Golden Edge Rose, Moringa Oleifera, Chamomile, and Lavender, all of which are sealed in glass jars.

The Tea Source


the tea source

If you’re looking to try something new and discover different flavors that are out of the ordinary, The Tea Source MNL has lots for you to choose from. With flavors such as Lychee Black Tea, Peach Berry Tea, Cacao Mint Tea, and Chamomile Apple, The Tea Source MNL is sure to give you a relaxing and exciting brewing experience any day. They also offer beautiful gift sets and tea wares on their website!

Oh, Holiday!


oh holiday

Oh, Holiday! is a local apothecary that creates botanical skincare and delicious herbal tea blends for all, formulated by a UK-registered herbalist. Oh, Holiday’s loose-leaf teas are unique in a way that they put emphasis on how each blend can help improve your health, such as treating Allergic Rhinitis, boosting immunity, and relieving endometriosis. You can even book a consultation for yourself or your family with their herbalist to come up with an herbal and nutritional plan for holistic wellness.

Nature’s Apothecary


natures apothecary

Nature’s Apothecary was established by a husband and wife who moved to a coastal town in Agusan del Norte, Mindanao where they are surrounded by lush farmlands. In 2019, they decided to pursue a business that would not only help their family but also uplift the lives of their community, with the added bonus of helping the Earth. From selling locally-sourced raw ingredients from the Mindanao region, they are now a company focused on selling loose-leaf teas responsibly sourced from local farmers and sharing their dream of bringing more Filipinos into the wonderful world of tea.

Some of the tea flavors they have are Chamomile, Lavender, Sencha, Genmaicha, Forget-Me-Nots, Marigold, and Chrysanthemum, but their signature tea blends are not to be missed either!

Did we miss your favorite loose-leaf tea shop? Share them with us in the comments below!

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