Local Ad Agency Gigil Wins 3rd Year in a Row at Asia Pacific Awards for Marketing

GIGIL Philippines proves once again that campaigns that result in great business don’t go unnoticed. The independent Filipino creative agency recently took home two silver awards in this year’s Asia Pacific Effie Awards.

At their awards gala in Singapore, GIGIL received silvers under the Beverages, Non-Alcohol category and under the Short Video Marketing category. Both awards were for ‘Whatever!,’ the agency’s comical campaign for RC Cola that had gone viral and was featured in The Ellen DeGeneres show.

RC Cola GigilImage: RC Cola TV ad / YouTube

This marks the third consecutive year that GIGIL has won the APAC Effies. ‘Whatever!’ was also awarded Bronze under the Youth Marketing category in 2021. In 2020, GIGIL won gold under the Retail category for their Levi’s ‘Studs’ campaign.

The Asia Pacific Effie Awards (APAC Effies) provide a platform to celebrate and honor the most outstanding marketing campaigns in the region that have contributed to client business growth.

“These APAC Effies Awards are important to GIGIL because more than an acknowledgment of how creative our agency’s ideas are, it is how they increase clients’ sales that’s important to us,” says Jake Yrastorza, GIGIL managing partner. “After all, this is the reason why GIGIL is here.”

Gigil Effi3s PR

GIGIL takes pride in improving their clients’ sales. After their respective ads were released, RC Cola Mega reportedly had a 67% surge in sales, while Levi’s experienced a 16% increase in their holiday season sales.

GIGIL Philippines is celebrating their fifth anniversary this year.