LISTEN: Mark Hamill Read Trump’s Tweet in his Joker Voice and It’s Both Funny and Scary

Y’all know Mark Hamill, right? Aka Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker?

Well, the iconic actor has also been the voice of Gotham’s infamous terrorist, The Joker. He’s been lending his voice in Batman: The Animated Series since 1992, as well as in Batman video games. And he does it so well. Hamill’s voice as the joker is some really spooky stuff.

And then we have US President-elect Donald Trump. Who, in New Year’s Eve, tweeted the following:

Many people were quick to react, including writer Matt Oswalt who had an observation:

And so this “billion dollar idea” was born:

But, alas, Mark Hamill did take on the challenge. Not long after, the actor has produced an audio clipping reading Trump’s new year tweet in his epic Joker voice. He tweeted:

Ready to hear this? Listen below:

Ahh, the Joker still gets the last laugh.

What do you think of Hamill’s Trump x Joker voice? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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