LIST: Worst Traffic in the World, and the Philippines is Number…

LIST Worst Traffic in the World, and the Philippines is Number...


Last week, we experienced just how bad traffic can be in Metro Manila. But do we really know how bad it really is?

Sen. Bam Aquino released a list of the Traffic Index by Country 2015 Mid-Year on his official Facebook page, and it does not look good for the Philippines.

According to the list, the Philippines places 5th in the list of the world’s worst traffic, with a traffic index of 201.13. The traffic index was measured based on the average time spent by a commuter to reach a destination, dissastisfaction, inefficiencies in the traffic system, and carbon dioxide emission.

The title of world’s worst traffic belongs to Egypt, which ranks with 284.51. Egypt is followed by South Africa, Thailand, and Iran.

Sen. Aquino aims to change this tag. The photo above was captioned with:

#EDSAKaBa kasi kahit anong oras man o panahon, binibigo mo ako sa lahat ng pagkakataon.”

Let’s move past having the 5th worst traffic in the world and find solutions to our traffic crisis! Join us for the Senate Hearing on the Worsening Traffic Conditions in Metro Manila, Sept. 7, Monday at 1pm. #PHTraffic#Paluwagin

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