LIST: The Cities with the Worst Rush Hour Traffic

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TomTom, a British company that “design[s] and develop[s] innovative products that make it easy for people to keep moving towards their goals,” released its Traffic Index for 2016, and it reveals something interesting: Manila doesn’t make it to the top 10. In fact, it doesn’t even make it to the list of 174 cities.

The city with the worst rush hour traffic is Mexico City in Mexico, where drivers experience a 59% increase in overall travel time compared to a free-flow or uncongested situation. The morning peak reaches 97%, while the evening peak reaches 94%. The heavy traffic may be attributed to an increase in jobs, businesses, and people.

Mexico is followed by: Bangkok in Thailand (57%), Lodz in Poland (54%) Istanbul in Turkey (50%), Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (47%), Moscow in Russia (44%), Bucharest in Romania (43%), Salvador and Recife in Brazil (both 43%), and Chengdu in China (41%).

The list was measured by comparing the extra travel time during peak hours against uncongested conditions.

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