Liam Gallagher Live in Manila: A Badass Concert Experience

Liam Gallagher. If you’ve been following the British rockstar on the media and over the internet, you’ll find that he’s quite the character. He’s a very vocal and direct man. More often than not, he offends other people with the way he carries himself, but for me, it’s a very big part of his appeal.

He’s like a rebel that takes no regards of what other people says about him. He seems unattached to his fans but frequently shows short glimpses of appreciation. He is cool. He is simply a badass!

LIAM 1002

Last August 14, he finally came and performed in the Philippines. I listened to his songs endlessly days leading up to the concert. I waited in excitement for Liam to come up the stage and rock the night.

The concert lasted for about an hour and a half with Liam performing 17 songs. Here are some great moments from the night that showed he is a total badass!


 Opening with “F*ckin’ in the Bushes”

What can be more badass than starting the show with a song from Oasis’ “Standing on the Shoulder of Giant”? As soon as the guitar was strummed and Liam moved towards to the microphone everyone stood up and left their seats just to be closer to the former Oasis frontman.

He continued strong, following with “Rock N Roll Star” and another Oasis classic “Morning Glory”.


A straightforward setlist

Liam’s concert was rather direct. The breaks and transitions from one song to another were brief. In a usual concert in the Philippines, foreign talents usually do the “mahal ko kayo” bit or asks the fans how they are doing. But not Liam. Liam kept it short and sweet. Just saying thank you after a song and moving on to the next.

The British icon sang songs from his new album such as “Wall of Glass,” “Chinatown,” and “For What it’s Worth”. He also sang some songs from Oasis such as “D’You Know What I Mean?,” “Be Here Now,” “Live Forever,” and “Slide Away”.


He sang Wonderwall but kinda kept us hanging

He sang the most popular Oasis hit, “Wonderwall” and took us back in time. But weirdly enough, he did not finish the entire song. You might say that that’s very disrespectful to his fans, but again I can say that it is part of his appeal. It is in his persona to do something like this.

He left us with mixed emotions as we expected him to sing more Oasis songs. But in his defense, he is Liam, a solo artist now. It was a wonderful experience to hear “Wonderwall” live although cut short and I’m sure I speak for all fans when I say that, still, we feel nothing but gratitude for getting to hear Liam Gallagher play live.

Were you also at Liam Gallagher’s concert as well? What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments!

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