Level Up! Live 2013: Awesome Cosplay and Epic E-Gaming Showdowns

Level Up! Live 2013: Awesome Cosplay and Epic E-Gaming Showdowns 

Level Up! Live 2013Level Up! Live 2013


When in Manila and you’re a hardcore fan of any Level Up!  games, then you should have been there for Level Up! Live 2013 at the World Trade Center.



The competitors on their respective stations: Feel the tension…FEEL IT!


Level Up! Live 2013, which happened last July 6th, was the culminating event for 9 of Level Up!’s national championship battles. These nine featured games were Ragnarok Online, RAN, Perfect World, Grand Chase, Rohan, Eligium, Cabal, Point Blank, and Assault Fire.



Model Christine Co poses at the AF booth


Level up! Live 2013 had a battlefield-like atmosphere inside the World Trade Center as gamers were pitted against each other on their respective gaming booths. Once the games reach to their final two teams, they would pit against each other at the center stage of the venue where the whole crowd would get to witness who will prevail in their battle. Most finals games were neck to neck, such as the Pointblank National Bakbakan and the RANbulan, so you could bet the fans were on the edge of their seats as they watched these games.




Aside from the game tournaments, Level Up! Live 2013 also had a handful of events such as the Miss Level Up! Live and a Cosplay Competition.





 Contestants of Miss Level Up! Live 2013


Miss Level Up! Live 2013 had 7 contestants show off their beauty and brains on stage.



 Q&A Portion of Miss Level Up! Live 2013