Top 3 Battery Saving Apps for Android

The android phones are the most popular gazette now a day. It helps in performing various tasks very easily as well as effectively as this phone has all the features and quality similar to the desktops as well as laptops. It is very easy in carrying if we compare it with the laptops. As we all know that this phone is very important for us. The only problem which affects the android phones is that they guzzle a lot of battery. This is because of a lot of network used by this phone. In this article we are going to talk about the top three battery saving apps for this efficient phone. These applications are discussed as follows –

The Juice Defender




This application of android phone does not require any kind of introduction as it is the best application for saving battery for this phone. This is one of the best known applications of this phone. This is the application which is ruling over all the other battery saving apps of an android phones. More often this application is called the kings of all the apps used for saving battery of this phone. This is the most trusted apps at the moment as it has been rated the best apps for saving the batter for an android phone. A more than seven million downloads are enough to prove the efficiency of this apps. It is considered to be a magical application which easily transfers your battery to provide you the best instance which you never experience in your device before. It is worthy application for the users.

The Battery Time Pro







This application is listed second in the battery saving apps for android phones. It helps you in saving your battery by providing you the perfect evaluation of data about the usage of other apps of your phone. It provides you the information or data about how much battery is addicted by which application of your android phone. It also provides you the exact time you have for using your phone until your battery crash down. This is the most simplest as well as informative application of your phone along with it this help you in getting the most use of your battery. It helps the information about the different process which takes out the most of your battery as well as helps you in saving you battery by deducting all these process.

The Battery saver and task killer




This application helps you in eliminating the exasperating rogue tasks that run in the back ground of your android phone as well as exhausting your battery like a parasite which sucks the blood from your body. This application is worthy for the user as it comes with a task killer and a battery monitor for monitoring the health as well as the temperature of your battery and helps you to get the proper details about the condition of your battery.

These are the top three applications which can help you to saving more and more battery so that you can use your phone more and more.

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Let’s Talk Top 3 Battery Saving Apps for Android

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