Let Me Tell You How I (Almost) Said ‘Hi’ to Kriesha Chu

It was totally unexpected, like something you won’t imagine happening at a big mall in Pasay. You know, the kind where while you sat comfortably at a bakery stall, blowing on a cup of hot chocolate, contemplating whether to order another cinnamon roll, someone famous suddenly walked passed by without a warning.

Well, that was exactly what happened to me last night. Kriesha Chu, like any normal mallgoer (except that she is the first full Filipina K-Pop idol gradually making a name in South Korea), walked passed by me while I was enjoying my hot chocolate.

Before I continue, let me make it clear to you first why she was at a mall in Pasay. Prior to my somewhat unforeseen encounter with her, she actually had a surprise fan meeting at a Filipino restaurant located near the mall, where fans gathered for a chance to talk to her.

Kriesha Chu Surprise Fan Meeting

Filipino fans with Kriesha Chu. Image Courtesy of Kriesha Chu Official via Twitter

And, having a friend who knew the exact details of the event, I was given a tip to make a go for it for a chance to interview her. Being a fan myself – yes, I am – I took the risk and traveled to the venue, knowing I might or might not make it, since it was already late. Well, I didn’t make it, but something totally unexpected happened that made me write this story.

I saw Kriesha Chu and I almost said “hi” to her. I was told that she was already at the airport going back to South Korea, so imagine my surprise when suddenly she materialized in front of (a totally unprepared) me.

She was wearing a white longsleeved shirt and jeans, with her hair down and familiar angelic face in full sight. I could have seriously gone up to her and said “hi,” but, to my horror, I just sat there, frozen, while she slowly vanished from my sight. It took a minute or so before it hit me. Picture! Take a picture! I quickly grabbed my phone and took a snap of her, but since I moved too slow, all I managed to get was a picture of her back.

Kriesha Chu in Manila

Here’s (the back of) Kriesha Chu, accompanied by a man in a purple shirt, walking inside a mall in Pasay.

I did close my laptop, ate the remaining cinnamon roll, and grabbed my hot chocolate to run for her. The people from the other table might have been momentarily confused as to why I was in such a hurry to leave.

But, again, I was late. I spotted her near the exit so there was a chance that she went that way. I didn’t know where to go, so I just decided to confirm whether it was really Kriesha Chu that I saw or it was simply a hallucination. I sent the snap I took to one of her supportive fans and she confirmed that it was really her.

I already knew that I wasn’t going to see her at all, let alone meet her, so I was really surprised when I saw her in front of me. This wasn’t exactly what I imagined my first time meeting her would be, but it made me laugh inside, like, seriously, what were the chances that I would see her like this that night? This is definitely being added to my “unforgettable moments” list.

Well, I guess things still ended on a high. I’ve seen her, albeit it was just her back that I have as proof, and got a story out of it. But I hope that one day, everything will work out well for me, and I’d get to meet Chu (for real) and finally say “hi.” 🙂

Kriesha Chu made her K-Pop debut in May 2017 and just recently ended promoting her 1st mini album “Dream of Paradise.”

How about you? Have you met Kriesha Chu? Share your story with us!