Let a Ninja Pay Your Bills With Bitcoin When In Manila

Let a Ninja Pay Your Bills With Bitcoin When In Manila

Not too long ago we wrote how the Bitcoin scene in the Philippines is developing and how there is now even a website that pays its users Bitcoin for posting and liking selfies. Now, the crypto currency conquerors behind that site have launched yet another online venture, and this one employs a Ninja who will help you pay your phone, internet and electricity bills. Intrigued? Then read on!


Meet Bitoy, the Bills Ninja. Bitoy is the latest creation of Makati based Bitcoin entrepreneurs Satoshi Citadel Industries and he, or better his website, enables you to pay your household bills with the popular crypto currency. Currently, the service supports around 30 of the most popular service providers in the Philippines and lets you pay a range of Phone, Cable, Internet, Credit Card, Insurance and Utility Bills. The system also has a number of built in safeties. For example, once a user decides what bill he or she wants to pay, the account number will indicate the number of units a user must input for the specific account. Bitoy also provides customer service by confirming and verifying each payment with the user. The company charges a P30 fee per transaction and promises to pay any bill within 24 hours from request or on the next bank working day.

Bills Ninja is another good example of how crypto currency can fit into everyday life and the company is also planning to integrate it with their Rebit Bitcoin remittance service. In theory, a person residing outside the Philippines could then pay the phone, internet or electricity bill of a home back in Manila, keeping the family connected and the lights on without ever having to use fiat currency. While it will still take some time until Bitcoin and other crypto currencies reach wider mainstream acceptance and usage, websites like Bills Ninja will undoubtedly help towards that goal. In the end, who doesn’t like a Ninja?

Bills Ninja


Let a Ninja Pay Your Bills With Bitcoin When In Manila

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