Leila De Lima’s TV Commercial Is Hardcore AF

This commercial trumps all other commercials, TBH.

Has Duterte met his match?

Leila de Lima TVC

This seems to be the kind of image Leila de Lima is presenting after her TV commercial debuted online — and IT. IS. BOSS.

The former DOJ secretary seems to be taking a page from Asiong Salonga and all other vigilantes *fictional, we hope!* as she goes all 1940s film noir-esque in this black-and-white mini-film. Smooth jazz music playing in the background? Check. Vintage setting and costumes a la Gatsby? Check. Members of the mafia flaunting their hedonistic lifestyles in a classic speakeasy bar? Check. And of course — a badass hero ready to kick some, well, ass? Check, check, and check.

As she enters the proverbial ring that is Philippine politics, it seems that the ex-Justice chief is not scrimping on her campaign efforts! Regardless of your opinion on her, you just HAVE to check this commercial, if only for its cinematography that clearly beats out probably 70% of the recent MMFF entries (Oops.).

Watch the video below:

Thoughts on this video?? Did you like it or not?


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