Legit Status Megacrew Concert: Represent



When In Manila is full of happenings every month. And, in events you’ll always come across a dancer performing on stage. Though, how about having an event entirely for these dancers? That was what Legit Status held recently in Ateneo’s Henry Lee Irwin theatre last July 14,2012, a benefit concert and send-off event for their Megacrew team.






Yes, Legit Status will be sending two of their  teams, personally handpicked by their choreographer Vimi rivera, in the hope of bagging the Championship title in both Megacrew and Varsity Division. What makes them different from other Philippine Crews joining World Hip Hop Dance Championship, is that they have more chances of grabbing the title since there will be two teams representing the crew. Also, they are a step ahead compared to the other teams (aside of course from those who joined before) because they have joined the said competition and placed in the top 10 in the previous years. 


Legit Status‘ Benefit concert began with the varsity team’s WHH (World Hip Hop) dance routine. And as expected, the bar is set high for the whole concert right from the beginning. As said in the past review of this routine, it’s description in summation is- spine-tingling. Indeed the routine has pruned and is more eligible for the dance  competition in Vegas.  






Aside from dance, Legit Status members along with its coach, have announced their collaboration in stopping Human Trafficking. The project originated from Greece and has also taken internationally renowned dance crews such as New Zealand’s ReQuest to be its spokesperson. Now we have Legit Status as our Philippine dance crew representative to help stop human trafficking. With this we can also see the intentions of Legit Status, not only do they represent our country in dance but also in extending it to help save the world from a serious mishap. 





After showing a dance video on stopping human trafficking, Legit Status‘ benefit concert resumed with guests from different dance crews.



  Team Elite umphed it up by by performing a sexy and full-throttle number on stage. 




 Also, seen performing on Legit Status‘ fundraiser was XDX,

or the Alumni members of Xavier School’s Dance X.

This performance maybe a “comeback” dance of some sort as they definitely presented something fresh, comic and feel-good for the audience to experience.






 Also in Legit Status‘ event was CADs or the Company of Ateneo Dancers who won in several competitions in the past years. They danced as one one unit exuding the image of a team fit to dance as one of the commendable dancers in the Metro.  






Unlike other intermissions, Legit Status‘ Represent paved way to dancers from the audience and performers to battle against each other. Thus a Dance Off was done with 5 judges to proclaim to winner from each side (females vs. males).  






After the gruesome eliminations, it boiled down to two dancers from  Tha Project: Phil Pamintuan versus Jemie Calonge. 






It was a good exhibit of personal style from each of them, but Phil Pamintuan’s style that conquered the night.



Finally, after the multiple performances from other guests, we were taken aghast as the Legit Status Megacrew team took their turn in the night as the finale number. It started in an unconventional pose and delivered with distinct swag that can only be experienced from Legit status. As each dancer moved in unison they exhibited power and attitude all throughout the  routine. It was truly world-class, above the norm and powerful. 










Once again, Legit Status has contributed something to the art of Hip Hop dance here in the Philippines. 






When In Manila, let us show our support for Legit Status as they join the World hip hop Dance Championship!










facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LegitStatus

twitter: https://twitter.com/LegitStatusPH








Credits to: Niel Ong and Mariane Detera for the photos (more photos HERE)








Legit Status Megacrew Concert: Represent