LeBron James for Space Jam 2?? The King And Warner Bros. Sign Partnership

Space Jam Lebron James

Seems like LeBron could be looking at a lead role in Space Jam 2. The Cleveland Cavaliers “King” just signed a partnership with Warner Bros. this week, and rumors are abound that a Space Jam sequel starring LeBron might be in the works, according to various reports!

After all, Warner Bros. did JUST file new trademarks for Space Jam, which isn’t confirming anything, but the timing of everything is pretty fishy!

The Space Jam movie, which came out in 1996, starred Michael Jordan alongside some well-loved Looney Tunes characters… does this partnership and possible sequel mean that LeBron is the next Jordan??

Oh, questions, questions.

What do you think, NBA fans? Does this partnership mean LeBron = new Michael Jordan?