LazerTag, LazerMaze and Glow in the Dark Golf at LazerXtreme, Alabang!

Although I’m a girl, I always enjoyed playing games that involved toy guns when I was younger. I always liked the idea of hiding behind cars and walls while stalking opponents and shooting at them at the best opportunity. Ha! The best part was when we had water pistols! You can put your imagination to rest and really just shoot someone… with water, that is! I really missed these games as I grew older. Oh, how I wished I could still enjoy those games… but then I realized I still can! Not just that, but the adventure just got 10 times better!

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When in Manila, Lazer Extreme offers you only the best in Lazertag games! Boasting to be Manila’s first and only multi-level laser tagging arena and the leader in laser tag entertainment in the Philippines, LazerXtreme recently opened a branch in Alabang that offers more fun with the addition of LazerMaze and Glow in the Dark Golf.

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First up for our day of fun was Lazertag! Haven’t heard of Lazertag? Let me explain it in the simplest way I can. Basically, it’s just like your typical shooting games or “barilan” as we call it; but with more obstacles, body gear, and adventure. There are colors assigned for each group. If there are a lot of you, you’ll be divided into groups. If there’s only a few of you (like what happened in our case), then you get to battle it out with each other. No teammates.

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Each of you picks a color and wears a vest that has sensors on the chest area, shoulders and back. When your enemy shoots these sensors, your vest lights go off and your gun becomes deactivated for 3 seconds. I’m not familiar with the corresponding points, but I think you get the most points if you shoot your opponent on the shoulders, and the least points if you hit him from behind.

Lazer Extreme9

There were only five of us playing that day and I really thought it would be boring. After all, the more, the merrier, right? Turns out it’s still a lot of fun to play even if there’s just a few of you! Since there were just five of us, the area seemed really big! We could barely find each other; which made it more fun because we screamed every time someone shot at us and we had no idea who it was or where it came from!


The place also has a bridge where players can stay and shoot other players running around below. A fair warning, though: the plank going up and down is really steep! I fell on my butt twice! Haha.

DSC 0033LazerXtreme

The arena also has some cool battle music going, which will really put you in the mood to run and hide for cover!

DSC 0037LazerXtreme

Next up was the LazerMaze. I’ve always wanted to go all Mission Impossible and try going through lasers; and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If you want to experience experience that, too, then the LazerMaze is perfect for you.

DSC 0016LazerExtreme

There are four levels of difficulty for this: Extreme, Hard, Normal, and Easy. I suggest trying Extreme or Hard to really feel the challenge!

DSC 6989LazerExtreme

I tried Normal, and I literally forced myself to roll and crawl all over the room just for kicks! Haha. The goal is to finish the course in the least amount of time. Every time you hit a laser, a few seconds is added to your time.

DSC 7066 1LazerExtreme

We didn’t really keep track of our scores, though; we just had fun with it! While one player is inside, other players can watch them through the curtains or on the screen just outside the room!

Last but not least is the Glow in the Dark Golf, a mini golf course with nine holes. Golf enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this and the new experience that they will get from playing golf in the dark.

DSC 6964LazerExtreme

Unfortunately, none of us knew how to play golf, so we just tried our best to get the ball in the hole. It was kind of challenging, though, being that each course has several twist and turns.

DSC 7081LazerExtreme

A friend of mine even had to hit her ball 13 times before it finally went in! 5 out of those 13 times, her ball actually already passed by the hole, but went back out. It was hilarious! Another friend got a hole-in-one by hitting his ball too hard that it went off course and hit a fire extinguisher. It then bounced back and went straight in the hole! Talk about luck!

Lazer Extreme18

After all of these fun and tiring games, I’m sure you’ll want nothing more than to have a scrumptious meal! Well, worry not, because LazerXtreme Alabang just opened Planet Cafe! The restaurant is really cozy and feels just like home! No need to leave to look for other places to eat because you can have a yummy meal right inside of LazerXtreme.

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We really had a lot of fun with all of the three games that LazerXtreme has to offer. Unfortunately, the maze and golf are not available in their other branches yet, though I’m keeping my fingers cross that they will be soon.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to LazerXtreme and get ready to enjoy your second childhood!

LazerXtreme Alabang Town Center

2nd Level, Alabang Commercial Corporation, Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa




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