Lauv and LANY are Officially Making a Collab

Ready your hearts because Lauv just dropped hints that he and LANY are teaming up for a song!

Lauv and LANY Announce Collab

Plans for the collab probably began when the I Like Me Better singer tweeted about LANY’s music sounding “like falling in love.”

Paul Klein quickly jumped in to comment about the tweet becoming viral, to which Lauv enthusiastically suggested that they make a song together.

While the exchange happened almost a month ago, Lauv and LANY are definitely bringing their plan to life and shared the news on Twitter that they’ve already started recording!

Whatever it is they’re cooking up, we’re ready for it! And who knows, maybe we’ll get to hear it live during both Lauv’s and LANY’s Manila concerts this year!

How excited are you for their collab? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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