Larry and Mau Diner: 24-hours of Good Food at Mall of Asia Complex! Must Try Their 1 POUND SUPER BURGER!


When in Manila and craving for great food with an ambiance of just chilling out with your good friends? Then might I suggest heading over to a certain Larry and Mau Diner and let your palates experience the zing built by friends.








It’s written all over the place and no doubt about feeling good dining here! Larry and Mau Diner is the brainchild of two guys named Larry Cortez and Mauro Arjona Jr. who, from “rags-to-riches”, managed to build another foodie haven goers will surely be fans of! From their six brands of well established restaurants including Uncle Cheffy, Old Vince Grille, Chef’s Quarter Restaurant and Wine Bar, Kuse Traditional Filipino Cuisine, Beurre Blanc Restaurant and now came Larry and Mau Diner.







Larry and Mau Diner is similar to fastfood outlets that lets you order your food at the counter. However, they are not just serving hamburgers and chickens but a whole lot more! Here’s what they served us that afternoon.




 NACHOS SALAD | Php95 – Savory, tangy, cheesy! Our appetizer just hits the spot with this crunchy nachos salad!




FISH PAILLARD | Php 139 – Flattened meat fish served with rice or fries, carrots and corn and their one-of-a-kind Pinoy Steak Sauce which I surely loved because of its distinct taste. The fish meat is so tender one could not even use a knife with this.




PORK PAILLARD | Php139 – Flattened pork meat served with rice or fries, carrots and corn ans Pinoy Steak sauce and mustard sauce. My personal favorite because of its aroma upon serving and its tenderness which is easy to chew.




SMOKED BOILED BACON TASTE OF IRELAND | Php169 – It looks like our native viand “nilaga” but tasted way better! At first, it got me weirded since I knew bacon is cooked fried. But this one made me an instant fan because of its tenderness and savory meat. One should try this when visiting Larry and Mau!




SEAFOOD MARINARA | Php89 –  A pasta bedazzled by seafood. This nifty concoction puts a spice in our everyday pasta and trickled it with the vast taste of the sea.




ALL MEAT POMODORO | Php89 – So who wants meat? This dish boasts an all meat cast that are tender, moist and oh so meaty!





(L-R clockwise) Tuna and Cheese melt, Php95 | Spiced Corn and Eggplant, Php89 | Pork Afritada, Php89 – The all time Filipino favorite torta now comes with a twist! With its soft texture on the inside and right crunchiness on the outside, no doubt that it really does taste great than your ordinary torta at home. Perfect match with their sauce!





For chicken lovers, this is a sure treat for you! 



ROASTED CHICKEN | price starts at Php79 for one-piece chicken 




BUFFALO WINGS | Php130 for 150gms and Php230 for 300gms – one bite and the crunchiness hits the spot! Very crunchy and has a right taste of tangy and spiciness on it! 




CRISPY FRIED PORK RIBS | Php99 Regular size and Php450 Family size. – Crispy, crunchy and all around delectable. These ribs are cooked to perfection and has become an instant fave of mine after the first bite!




Definitely with all the food served on us, we were downright full! But alas, the nice waiter served us their hefty ONE POUND of pure beef patty topped with tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and the works! Like OMG, with the size of that burger, it should have been our whole main course! 









In fact, this coming month of August, they will be launching the ULTIMATE BURGER CHALLENGE which stars their one pound burger! Saturdays are open to aspiring Kings and Queens (male-female couples, 18 years old and above) while Sundays are reserved for Kings and Princes ( father and son tandems. Father must be 25 years old and above, child must be between 8-10 years old). Competitions are scheduled at 10 in the morning and will run the entire weekend for the whole month. Winning pairs will receive gift checks and discount privileges from all their establishments!



Alcoholic beverages are served round the clock, literally! Because Larry and Mau Diner is OPEN 24 HOURS!



Many thanks to Miss Nana Nadal for the wonderful Larry and Mau Diner experience! 🙂









Ground Floor, Two E-com Center, Palm Coast Drive

Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Contact no. 869-7939








Larry and Mau Diner: 24-hours of Good Food at Mall of Asia Complex! Must Try Their 1 POUND SUPER BURGER!


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