Lady Gaga Drops Her Newest Single ‘The Cure’ At Coachella And It Is Lit!

It’s Coachella season again. It’s that annual music festival where artists of all types of genre and audiences from all walks of life gather to celebrate music.

Coachella is one of the largest music festivals in the United States, so it’s no surprise that some of the biggest names in the music industry get to perform at the festival’s main stage.

Lady Gaga Super BowlLady Gaga performing at the Halftime Show of Super Bowl

One of this year’s biggest Coachella performers was Lady Gaga. And because she is Lady Gaga, she brought a spectacle along with her amazing voice to her performance. The audience was captivated.

Still, nothing could’ve prepared them to the moment that Lady Gaga actually performed her newest single right on that very stage!

Lady Gaga’s ‘The Cure’ is already up on Spotify. So, now you can be one with the world in raving about this awesome single.

Check it out below:

With the song’s EDM vibe, it’s easy to get hooked since it is what’s trending in the music scene nowadays. Yet, Lady Gaga proves that there is none like her because once you hear her astounding vocals in the chorus, it’ll make you say, “Yup, it’s Lady Gaga’s song.”

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‘The Cure’ is so lit that it’ll definitely be your LSS for the month.

Lady Gaga is definitely Kween! Can’t wait for more music!

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