Kylie Padilla Writes Open Letter to Everyone Living with Anxiety, Just Like She Is

Kylie Padilla just shared an open letter of hope and love addressed to all those going through tough times.

“Quickie entry. Hope it helps some people. You guys got this,” she said on her Instagram post as she began to share her story about how she currently deals with being “a slave” to her anxiety.

She admitted that she was constantly living in a state of fear—”Fear of not being in control, fear of failing, fear of being disliked, fear of being abandoned, fear of feeling inferior plus the fears that cloud my mind in every moment.


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She said that being an actress urged her to create different versions of herself that fit what others wanted her to be just to overcome the “mental turmoil” she faced every day. However, she shared about how “the voices of doubt get so loud, sometimes there’s no way to break it unless you have someone to hold and comfort you.”

Kylie then opened up about what she does to deal with the negativity. “In situations where I would normally suffer a really bad anxiety or panic attack, I choose to sit still and breathe. I sit and I listen to everything and everyone around me. Finding things I could admire, finding better ways to understand others not just myself and appreciating every moment that came to me.”

She said that through this calm reflection she realized that “everything actually depends on my reaction and mine alone.”


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She then shared this passage that she would constantly tell herself after going through a tough day: “The world is already in too much pain and turmoil, why not be someone’s blessing? Even in the smallest way, even if that means controlling your own negative thinking. Just so you could share the love you can offer and not the negativity or fear.”

Although living with anxiety isn’t easy, Kylie said that the best we can do is just to do our best to take care of ourselves, be patient with ourselves, and always listen to what our inner voices are telling us.

“Nurture the inner child and take care of the ever growing adults within us. I’m a true believer of how we treat ourselves is an example of how we treat others,” she added.

She ended her letter with words of encouragement to anyone who is experiencing the same struggles.

“I hope you give yourself a great big hug. Your silent triumphs are such precious milestones, I celebrate them with you. Cheers.”

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Are you also living with anxiety? Share your experiences with us in the comments.