Kwentong Dagat: Enjoy Picturesque Cabins and Delicious Vegan Food by the Beach

It’s easy to fall in love with Barangay Liw-liwa in San Felipe, Zambales. That’s why I’ve been there countless times in the past three years. There is always a reason to come back! Apart from surfing, you will never get enough of watching the mesmerizing Liw-liwa sunset by the beach while the grayish sand tickles your toes and nothing is heard but the sound of the strong ‘Liwa’ waves.

What’s drawing more beach lovers like me to Liw-liwa is this relatively new place to stay in the neighborhood called Kwentong Dagat. It features charming Bali-inspired cabins and serves delicious vegan food!


Kwentong Dagat gets the laidback vibes Liwliwa is known for just right. It’s one of those serene places where you can relax with a good book. This is also one of the best places for stargazing!


At night, cute bulbs magically glow at Kwentong Dagat, making it perfect for you to bond over ice-cold beers. Handwoven mats and hippie-patterned throw pillows are laid out to evoke even more ‘chill’ feels.

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Weekday rate is Php4000/night and weekend rate isPhp4800/night (with free breakfast of bread and coffee).

The highlight of it all is the picturesque triangular beach cabins that you won’t find elsewhere in the area. It looks tiny from the outside; but upon entering, you’ll be surprised that it actually contains 3 double beds and can cater to 4-6 people! All the cabins are airconditioned and clean, and its rustic interiors are perfect for Instagram.


Communal bathrooms

They also have an outdoor kitchen for guests who want to cook their own food by the beach. You can also bring your own tent and pitch it for only 250 pesos.


The fun doesn’t stop with the accommodations, either. Kwentong Dagat’s hallmark in Liwliwa is its kitchen, which offers delectable homecooked vegan food prepared by the owners themselves! For only 200 pesos, you can enjoy two pre-ordered viands and a cup of rice. You can also order vegan ala carte dishes for 300 pesos.


During our visit, they served mouthwatering non-meat dishes, such as tofu steak, vegan lumpiang shanghai, vegan Kaldereta, Ginataang Gulay, and more!


If you’re done chilling out, you might want to try some of the activities that they offer, as well. You can ask them to surf or box, do Jiu-Jitsu or yoga, and go island hopping.


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What they have right now is just the beginning, too! We heard they have even more amazing plans coming up. To stay updated, check out their website below.

Kwentong Dagat

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