Kris Aquino Reacts to Netizen Who Called Bimby ‘Gay’

Kris Aquino Reacts to Netizen Who Called Bimby ‘Gay’


Kris Aquino Reacts to Netizens Who Called Bimby 'Gay' 


Say what you will about Kris Aquino, but despite being the most divisive woman in the entire country, she is without a doubt a good mother. Watch any episode of Kris TV or check her social media accounts and you’ll see how doting she is to her two kids Josh and Bimby. That’s why when these netizens called Bimby gay in a new video, she had a few choice words to say.

In the Instagram video, the young Bimby is seen greeting Alex Gonzaga, his co-star from The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin, a happy birthday. One follower commented by calling him ”toyab,’ the inverted form of bayot, which means gay in Visayan. Kris saw the comment and replied with:


Alam niyo kung balak nyong bastusin ang anak ko, do it ng harap harapan. Kasi hindi ko kayo aatrasan. Super nag PRAY ako today, Pero kahit sinong nanay kung anak na 7 years old ang aapihin, papatol at handang RUMESBAK.

(If you plan on disrespecting my child, do it face to face. Because I will fight back. I prayed today, but any mom to a bullied 7 year old son is ready to fight back.)


The netizen who posted the comment (the user was tagged on Kris’s reply) apologized, saying it won’t happen again. The Queen of all Media replied with:


Apology accepted. But please don’t bully a 7-year-old who was just greeting a person we’ve come to love happy birthday.


What do you  think: Did Kris overreact or did she do the right thing in protecting her son? Sound off in the comments section below!


Kris Aquino Reacts to Netizen Who Called Bimby ‘Gay’

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