Kris Aquino Gives Health Update, Reveals She Now Has Abnormalities in Her Blood Tests

“There’s something I chose not to reveal but I feel I must,” Kris Aquino said in her latest Instagram post as she gave friends and fans on Instagram a new update regarding her health, revealing that her blood tests have shown abnormalities.

“There were some abnormalities in my blood panel. My hemoglobin hit an all-time low, my sodium was as always low, BUT my potassium also dropped,” she said.

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“If I want to get healthier it starts with my nutrition. Hindi ko kaya ang (I can’t handle) iron supplements. [So] starting next week I’ll be getting iron infusions,” she continued. “My Churg-Strauss syndrome can affect many organs because it causes damage to blood vessels. My lungs have already shown some minor damage, but my now heart is showing signs of exhaustion.”

Kris first confirmed that among her illnesses that made her seek treatment in the US was the Churg-Strauss Syndrome (aka EGPA) which is an autoimmune condition “marked by blood vessel inflammation” that “can restrict blood flow to organs and tissues, sometimes permanently damaging them,” according to Mayo Clinic.

She added that her doctor has advised her to start eating “real food” in order to prevent the possibility of heart failure.

“Dr. Malika explained to me that my heart rate going up to 130-135 after taking a shower, my constant constant dizzy spells, and headaches are already a warning for me that unless I start trying to eat real food and not rely on milk alone, I could be among the 7 out of 10 patients with Churg-Strauss who attribute their death to heart failure,” she said.

Now, she’s taking “baby steps” with her food intake as shown in her Instagram video drinking a green juice prepared by her son Bimby.

“Bimb prepared the green juice: cucumber, apple, and a lot of spinach. Baby steps, Kale will come soon – my food intake is really a problem. And my weight loss. I was knocked out because of my exhaustion from having both my Dupixent & Methotrexate injected into me on Wednesday, so I missed our Thanksgiving celebration. Tomorrow, Sunday if my chronic sinusitis has stopped, I’ll try to walk around with Bimb & my nurse. Bawal ang (I’m not allowed to have) unnecessary stress.”

“Let’s please continue praying for one another,” she ended.

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