Kodanda Archery Range is Now Open in the North!

By Keith Carandang

Ever wish you could be like Katniss Everdeen, Green Arrow, or Hawkeye?  Well, now you can be! Suit up as Kodanda Archery Range opens their first branch up North! (The word Kodanda is Sanskrit for “He who has a bow.” Isn’t that cool? Really gets you in the zone to shoot some arrows.)


Fans and non-fans of adult playgrounds alike will definitely learn a little something here. Kodanda Archery Range prides itself on giving archery enthusiasts the whole package. Beginners and experts alike can enjoy the range without having to bring or do anything beforehand. No training, no gear? No problem! Any person aged 7 to 70 can just walk in without any preparation whatsoever and come out a budding archer! Don’t believe us? Our team paid a visit to the Eastwood branch and tried it for ourselves. Keep reading and you might just find yourself reaching for your own bow and arrow soon.


The range has a no-fuss environment with several targets and bows on display. They might look intimidating at first, but try it and you’ll find yourself wanting to own a set of your own! They even play archery competitions on the screen to provide some awesome inspiration for everyone. If that’s not enough for you, though, read up on this Filipina archer who won 4 GOLD MEDALS at the Southeast Asian Open!


Remember when we said you could just walk up into the range without any preparations? Here’s why: they provide everything you need to maximize your experience. The friendly coaches help you with your bow and quiver, and tell you what their purposes are. As they gear you up with the finger tap, chest guard, arm guard, and quiver, you’ll find yourself getting more pumped up.  As the Avengers say: suit up!

The coaches then tell you how the range works. They have a whistle system to signal what everyone should and should not do. 2 whistles mean you can get your bow and arrows. You’ll have to remember what number bow you got, by the way, because you’ll be using the same one for the entire session.


1 whistle means everybody can start shooting.  The first line is where you wait, and the second line is where you stand and aim. The second line should be in-between your feet while standing sideward. Your shoulder should always be in line with the target!


3 whistles signal the time to stop shooting, put your bow back on the rack, and retrieve your arrows from the board. Then, you wait for the next 2 whistles. You will have unlimited arrows throughout the entire session, so make the most out of them and keep on practicing until you get the bull’s eye.


The coaches are very approachable and friendly! They will actively guide you, so you can get the best session possible. Beginners are given a rundown of what to do and how to hit the best scores. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help; they’ll be happy to assist you. They were so helpful, in fact, that we were all able to hit the bull’s eye – definitely one for the books. 😉



No one on our team had any experience with archery whatsoever, but we all came out feeling inspired and sure to come back to the range again! Whenever we felt like giving up for shooting bad arrows, the coaches were there to encourage us. Coming with friends also helped us get more comfortable.


Overall, the experience was a great way to release some stress with every release of an arrow! Kodanda Archery Range gives beginners the best first-time experience and experts a friendly environment for practice. Whether you stumble upon this range accidentally or you actively seek it out, you can be sure to have a good time learning and de-stressing. This makes for a great bonding experience for families and friends alike.

The range promotes a common ground for people of all ages AND fitness levels, too; so tell your friends, your siblings, and your parents! If you want a more stimulating yet fun way to spend the weekend, everybody is welcome at Kodanda!

Kodanda Archery Range

2F, Cyber and Fashion Mall, Eastwood City; 2nd Floor, Metro Starmall, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque; Makati Cinema Square, Makati; MOA Arena Annex



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