Kobe Bryant Memorabilia Were Stolen From Lower Merion High School

Kobe Bryant LA Lakers

Kobe Bryant memorabilia were stolen from the Laker’s old high school, Lower Merion, including a framed replica of his high school jersey, several pairs of Nike sneakers signed by Kobe, and the 1996 PIAA Basketball State Championship trophy, and the net from the game, according to reports.

Kobe Bryant

Lower Merion High School is the Black Mamba’s old alma mater, where he was quickly drafted by the NBA from there.

Doug Young, Lower Merion’s director of community relations and a high school teammate of Kobe’s, said:

“We’re bummed. It’s a replica jersey; it’s not even the jersey he wore in high school. I’m not sure what someone would do with a state championship trophy. For us, the items are important because they represent some really wonderful memories.”

Lower Merion police are currently investigating the theft and reviewing surveillance tapes.

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