Kko Kko Has Amazing Cheesy and Spicy Korean Dishes You Must Try

When people think of Korean food, the first thing they think about tends to be samgyupsal on the grill with some colorful side dishes, but there’s so much more to it than that! Kko Kko, one of the Metro’s most popular restaurants in 2016, will level up your Korean food trip in Manila with cheesy and spicy dishes that are sure to make you come back for more.

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Chicken Cheese Fondue Half P658, Whole P988

Aside from Kko Kko’s big bread bowl of cheese fondue with loads of fries, onion rings, and chicken around it (the one we see on our friends’ Instagram stories and posts all the time), the menu proves to offer a lot of other Korean dishes that are just as cheesy and delicious

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Tteokbokki Spicy Carbonara – P398

Tteok means rice cake and this dish is basically it with Odeng or fish cakes, onions and leeks, all in a spicy broth topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Stay tuned; this article is going to get even cheesier!

Kko Kko’s Tteokbokki comes in two variants: original, and spicy carbonara. Challenge yourself and try out the spicy carbonara! We tried it and liked how spicy and creamy it is at the same time.

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Bul Dak – P698

Cheesy hearts that long for a kick of spiciness will love this. A stove will be lit in front of you; and on it, you’ll find a platter of spicy stir-fried boneless chicken with vegetables and cheese.

Although the spiciness completely covers the veggies and chicken, the melting cheese will balance things out, making it a good starter even for those who have low tolerance for spicy food, but won’t mind trying it.

WIM TIP: Take a piece of chicken, thoroughly dip it in that melting cheese, and enjoy looping it around!

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Rabokki – P368

Upgrade the usual Tteokbokki and order Rabokki, a favorite street food item in Korea. Rabokki stands for RAmen and tteokBOOKI.

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The calm before the cheese-os

Imagine a casserole with ramen, cheese, fish and rice cakes simmering in a special spicy broth!

Kko Kko Seoul Fried Chicken 33

Ready to transform into Rabokki Rice! Just add P128.

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Cheesy rice goodness

If you can’t get enough of the tandem of spiciness and cheese, the leftover broth can be turned into another lovely dish: Rabokki rice.

Kko Kko Chicken

You can go half or full for this one and choose among the three variants – Original, Yangnum and Snow! We tried Yangnum in Sweet Chili and Snow Cheese, and we love how well it goes with beer! As they say: you need to experience a Korean food trip with chicken and beer.

Kko Kko Seoul Fried Chicken 52

The perfect pair for a barkada outing: chicken sets – P368-P688

You can also try their other flavors! For Yangnum, they also have it in Classic Soy, Oh-My-Garlic, and Sili Chili. For Snow Chicken, they also have it in Fire Chili.

Now, there are days when we just feel like eating regular (read: non-cheesy and non-spicy) Korean food. For that, Kko Kko has something on the menu, too.

Kko Kko Seoul Fried Chicken 36

Padak: Half, P368; Whole, P688

Don’t leave the place without trying out Padak, boneless chicken thigh tossed in that special Padak sauce topped with fresh leeks. The sauce’s definitely a must-try!

Kko Kko

Jumeokbap Tuna, P258

Jumeokbap are Korean rice balls. In Korea, these rice balls are always present in children’s bento boxes for picnics or school lunches. Kko Kko serves it in a bowl of rice with your chosen topping, which can be tuna, kimchi, daeji, or beef alongside seasoned seaweed, fish roe and sesame.

Kko Kko Seoul Fried Chicken 19

Have your kids use some gloves to dig in and mold their own rice balls!

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Soju Slush, P298

Kko Kko has a lot of surprises! These slushes are alluring, but they can get you tipsy, too. These soju cocktails are modeled after melona ice cream flavors, such as strawberry, yakult, lemon and banana.

Kko Kko Seoul Fried Chicken 65

The next time you’re craving for Korean food with your friends or loved ones, you know where to go and what to try now!

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