Kings Car Control Clinic: Car Drifting Lessons

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WHEN IN MANILA and you want to play around with a car to do some drifting, it’s best to contact KINGS CAR CONTROL CLINIC to feel the thrill of the ride. Just remember two phrases and you’re good to go: “STEP” and “LET GO!”

I couldn’t find the right words to tell you how exciting the car drifting lesson was so here is a video of a fun first day at Kings Car Control Clinic:

Watch out for Ian King’s Corvette

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Basic car drifting lessons in Kings Car Control Clinic include venue, CAR, gas, tires, tents and of course, instructor.

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Lesson fees are very minimal compared to others because Kings Car Control Clinic is considered to be the most economical car control lesson here in Metro Manila.

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(L-R) Mark Davis Tan, Ian King (Owner, Kings Car Control Clinic), Jo Tan, Gustaf See, Paolo Arespacochaga (Car Drifting Instructor), Larissa

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Larissa’s Testimonial:

 “I went not because of the car drift activity, but because of the companionship of my friends…and I ended up with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I could never have imagined. I have always been a fan of adrenalin-pumping activities – roller coasters, sky-diving, cliff jumping…and car drifting is something that I can definitely add to the list! The rush and exhilaration of being in the passenger seat of a car that was crazily whirling around and around was amazing!

Everything was a blur and in that moment you feel as if you are in a time machine with the world spinning all around you. When the car came to an abrupt stop, i was left wide-eyed and with opened mouth. Being behind the driver’s wheel was a totally different experience. I was fearful and worried about my (and my guide’s) safety.

My initial fears were soon replaced with confidence building as Paolo (Arespacochaga) expertly guided and prodded me to “floor” the gas pedal. On my second round, I was able to “drift” the car!

This is a truly worthwhile experience, considering that a day before this activity, I had to google what the heck did “car drifting” mean!”

drifting contest

Good news to all Car Porn lovers out there because Kings Car Control Clinic will be hosting Drift Fest on June 23, 2012. Register early to book a slot! Spectators are very much welcome, too 🙂

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Kings Car Control Clinic

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WhenInManila Photos and Video by JoTan23

Kings Car Control Clinic: Car Drifting Lessons