Kindness Epidemic: MMDA Officer Acts Quickly During Thunderstorm to Lessen Traffic

We’ve all had those horrible days stuck in traffic. When the rain starts to pour, the flood also quickly rises leaving several commuters and motorists either stranded or stuck in traffic. There are a variety of things that can be done to fix this, but oftentimes, we wait for others to do it. MMDA officer Joel Gala however decided to do what he can at the moment and quickly fix the problem.

MMDA officer

Raine Musngi shares her experience

“Today, my lil girl and I were stuck in our car in Don Antonio Heights QC due to thigh-high floods from the sudden thunderstorm. Kids and teens were frolicking in the rains and floodwaters, while school buses couldn’t pass through it, cars at a standstill. (Had half a mind to pay the kids to find buckets and channel the floodwaters elsewhere!) Then an ‪#‎MMDA‬ man (in full uniform!) started singlehandedly declogging the drains, his chest slumped into the dirty floods, his arms and hands clearing debris from the drainages. His quick action allowed the floods to recede, hundreds of cars to pass, so people could go home to their families and do all the things they need to do. I couldn’t stop anywhere or anytime long enough to take a photo of him or ask his name. But what an awesome soul! Thank you sir. He knows your name. God bless you a hundredfold and keep you safe and secure always.

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your good work, Joel Gala! You are our hero and model public servant for the week!”

We salute you sir! We need more officers like you.
What do you think of Joel Gala’s quick acting in times of need?


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