Kids Can be their Own Real Superheroes with Superdudes by Stevie Nicholson of Hi-5

Have you observed your child, expecting them to play out princesses or a nice game of tag, but instead see them roughhousing as they play out their favorite video game or superhero character fighting crime?


Let’s be real here. As parents, we all have the same concern with regards to our kids and today’s media. From movies, to tv shows, videogames, and what they see online, you have to double check. Why? Because these same movies and games actually influence our children a lot. And most of them are filled with violence and references that should not really be seen by a 3 year old (or even older). Try channel surfing on kids’ channels, and what you’ll see are some cringe-worthy things and then some.


Seems like Stevie Nicholson of Hi-5, alongside his talented best friend, illustrator Nick Rudich, saw the need for kids to know REAL superheroes, and thus created their book Superdudes.


Superdudes  captures the imagination of children in a playful and engaging way, and is based on the philosophy that absolutely anyone and anything can be super.


Seeing superheroes fight crime with violence and weapons have been ubiquitous to generations of young and old, and the said concept of Superdudes gives our children that encouragement that you don’t need violence and weapons to be super awesome. All you need is just have fun, do good things and you can be great without having to think if this is cool or not. Stevie himself created it as a sort of reminder to the younger generation that simply being kind and helpful can already make them superheroes.


The way the characters are illustrated in this book is not to be missed. The bright colors and the way each character’s strength is shown is very engaging and relatable to our little kids. The cover itself is very lovable, and when my daughter saw the book she literally begged me, alongside her puppy dog eyes, to get one for her.


Within 5 days of my child having this fun and quirky children’s book, I have seen some improvements in her. She now believes that she can be super strong and can do great by doing what’s right. Whereas before, she doesn’t really have much motivation to do the right thing because some of her peers think that it’s not cool to do that.


Of course, seeing Super Stevie himself in person and encouraging her may have also had an added effect to that improvement. 😉

Go on, grab a book to give to your child and enjoy learning with your kid how to be super in all ways with Super Stevie and the Superdudes.