The Fun and Purpose Art Exhibit: Artistically Gifted Children and Adults with Special Needs

The FUN and PURPOSE exhibit is timed during the International Autism Awareness Month this coming April. It is an awareness campaign for children and adults with special needs who are artistically gifted.

The exhibit will be in collaboration with GMST Multi Media Services and students of St Benilde, and the Saturday Group of Artists. The participation of the two groups is significant as it illustrates that their talent is accepted, supported, acknowledged and respected by emerging young artist as well as established and prolific artists.

The theme is FUN and PURPOSE, it signifies we all have the human right to find fun and more importantly, real purpose in life. The artists have the liberty to use any size or medium they may want to interpret their “fun and purpose”. It may be from their natural surroundings, what they enjoy doing, their dreams, their passions, anything. We wish them to liberally let their imaginations run free and wild.

The Fun and Purpose Art Exhibit: Artistically Gifted Children and Adults with Special Needs ZambawoodBy Julyan Harrison

The art works will be divided into 4 categories:

1) The individual art work of the special needs individuals.

2) The collaboration between the multi media students and each of the special needs persons.

3) The collaboration between members of the Saturday Group of Artists with each of the special needs persons.

4) Art work by each participating member of the Saturday Group of Artists. Whilst not all are available, 21 of them have committed to support this project with their work.

Zambawood, Luxury Beach House for Rent in San Narciso, Zambales Zambawood Cafe Rachel Harrison Keith HarrisonZambawood

The Art Exhibit will be curated by Anna Rosete and Rachel Harrison. It will be produced and presented by Zambawood, a social enterprise advocating the integration of the special needs adults (particularly those with autism) into the local community.



Autism is a life long disability. It is estimated that the current ratio of people affected with autism is 1/69 (in the US) irregardless of race and social status. When they are young, they attend special schools and go through various therapies to learn and acquire skills. As they become adults, the focus shifts to life skills to enable them to work and find purpose.



The Fun and Purpose Art Exhibit: Artistically Gifted Children and Adults with Special Needs Zambawood

Purpose 1:

An awareness project to highlight the gifts and talents of the special needs / children and adults living with autism. Specifically timed to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day, which has been declared as being 2 April each year by United Nations resolution 62/139.

Purpose 2:

To raise funds to construct a Community Art Center at Zambawood.

The Community Art Center will be a place for the special needs to nurture their craft as well as learn new skills. The center will welcome people from local community to work as part of the integration project. We will provide apprentice diploma programs for all students to provide them skills. This will eventually allow them to have some sort of expertise, be independent and eventually find jobs to allow them to be independent or semi-dependent and be sustainable in the future.

In this respect, we are very fortunate to be supported by very talented and respected artisans in the country, who have expressed their willingness to share their time and talent to teach.

The Programs / Activities at the Community Art Center:

Painting – on canvas and on textiles
Arts and Crafts – capiz lamination and mosaic art and small home decorations
Furniture art painting
Calligraphy Art
Multi-media Art

Our vision is to create a community for special needs adults integrating and participating in the local community (and economy) that surround them.