Kiana Valenciano Dedicates this Song to All the People who Got Played On!

Words by Meldrick Tin

Photos by Heather Co

Needless to say, the local music industry has already made a name for itself for coming up with quality all-Filipino made, produced, and sung OPM songs. With all the up-and-coming Filipino artists we have today specializing in their own unique genres, they just continue to prove that, indeed, OPM is not dead.

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Last September 9, 2019, two of the most in-demand artists here in the Philippines, Kiana Valenciano and Curtismith—who graced the stage of Tipsy Pig Gastropub with their hit songs—truly gave us a night we won’t forget.

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The opening act of the gig was by Dante & Amigo, the hip-hop rapper duo known for their popular songs “Cool with You,” “Easy,” and “S’all Love.” The vibe of the duo’s music was mostly cool, chill, laid-back, and they definitely set the mood for the entire night.

kiana v 3

kiana v 1

Mito Fabie, more popularly known as Curtismith, then began to perform as the main act of the night. The indie hip-hop-R&B singer, rapper, and songwriter belted out his jazzy hits, including “No Ways,” “LDR,” and “For the Love.” His very soulful style of singing and rapping is known to be very unique to the industry today.

kiana v 2

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Kiana Valenciano, daughter of legendary music icon Gary Valenciano, has also made a name for herself in the Philippine music industry, as she has already produced numerous songs and albums in the past. The R&B-soul-pop singer-songwriter serenaded us with the chill tone of her voice. She started her set with the song “Keep it Secret,” which also featured Curtismith. Kiana V also gave us a first listen to one of her newest songs “Hide my Love”—which hasn’t actually been released on Spotify just yet!

kiana v 4

Kiana V also writes hugot songs, but she elevates these songs and delivers them in a hip and sophisticated manner. In fact, she wrote the song “Caught U” under the album “Grey” and dedicated this song to all the people who got played on and were fooled/cheated on. Finally, Kiana V and Curtismith closed the night with their hit song “Does She Know” and left the entire audience on their feet. What a night!

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