Keane Live! in Manila: Strangeland Presscon

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When in Manila, I remember watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and as the show was coming to an end, the lead character began a monologue with a certain song playing in the background. No kidding, I strained to listen to the lyrics and as soon as I got a sentence or two, I took to the internet to Google the song. It was then that I discovered Keane and I’ve been a huge fan since!

When I found out that Keane was coming to Manila, to say that I was excited would be an understatement. I was over the moon! It made me even more ecstatic to know that not only would I see them live in concert but in the press conference as well!

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The press conference was hosted by VJ Chino of MYX Philippines. He gave the attendees a little background of the band before FINALLY introducing the band that we were all waiting for, KEANE!! It’s amazing how I managed to maintain my composure, because I swear, the teenage fan girl in me was screaming her head off.


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Let me introduce you to the members, say hello to…

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Tom Chaplin (Lead vocals and acoustic guitar)

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Richard Hughes (Drums)

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Tim Rice-Oxley (Piano, keyboards and synthesizers) and Jesse Quin (Bass guitar)

A little trivia, song writer and keyboardist Tim Rice- Oxley attended the same university as Chris Martin of Coldplay and was actually invited by Chris himself to be the pianist of Colplday before the latter even came together. Tim declined the offer and says that he doesn’t regret his choice one bit as both bands are huge successes.

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All throughout the press conference, Keane was asked a barrage of questions, but ultimately what they were trying to say was that despite the success of Somewhere Only We Know, they didn’t really want to replicate that kind of fame on a track wherein they felt that they compromised themselves as artists. They said that their main focus and goal is to make music meant to make them proud of themselves as artists as opposed to producing an album or single for the sake of sales.

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I was able to ask them whether they planned on collaborating with artists for future tracks and they were kind enough to say that although they remained to such a possibility, they still preferred making music on their own. Richard was even kind enough to point out that they may just be the only band that’s released an album this year with no collaborations.

Actually, now that I think of it, I admire their sticking to their philosophy as a band and their unwillingness to make music that does not “come from their hearts”. That and if anything, I’ve actually listened to their newest album, Strangeland, and I can’t imagine the tracks being sung any other way, or sung with another artist.

KEANE as of 09202012

You guys should definitely catch their performance tomorrow, on October 2, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia’s The Arena. Tickets are available  at or call 470-2222 for more details. Keane’s previous and latest album “Strangeland” are out now in CDs exclusively under MCA Music, and are available at: Astroplus, Odyssey Music and Video, iTunes and 

Keane Live! in Manila: Strangeland Presscon