Katsutei: Tasty Japanese Food with Flair

Affordable Does Not Have to Mean Bland

When in Manila, we can easily find Japanese restaurants everywhere. In fact, Japanese restaurants abound, even in just a single mall! Because of this, choosing a good place to spend time with your friends and family can be overwhelming. 

Indeed, having to choose is hard, especially when you have to consider your food budget every time you’re craving delicious katsudon. And the problem is, although the ever-popular katsudon is growing to be so commonplace for Filipinos, this tasty Japanese food doesn’t come cheap.

Until, of course, Katsutei was born. As the name implies, it’s a fried cutlet restaurant. Here you can just feast yourself with all things fried- from tonkatsu to fried ice cream!

 Katsutei Store Front

Katsutei - Menu

Katsutei - Dining Tables

Industrial meets Zen

Take a quick look at just a few of the restaurant’s offerings:

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki Don

This is part of Katsutei‘s value combos, so for Php145, you get a big slice of chicken breast coated with very crispy breading and sour-sweet tonkatsu sauce, a sizeable bowl of miso soup, and a decent-sized glass of soda. The entire meal is very filling and delicious!

 Katsutei - Crispy Chicken Teriyaki Don

If you feel like skipping the miso soup and soda, you can get the Crispy Chicken Teriyaki Don ala carte for Php135.


Everyone’s favorite bowl of fried pork is available at Katsutei for Php175 with miso soup and drink. While other restaurants serve a small piece of pork, Katsutei offers a big chunk of fried pork goodness in every bowl. Seriously, their pork cutlets are good for two to three cups of rice!

Katsutei - Katsudon


Katsudon is available ala carte for Php165.


Interested in trying crispy hotdog sandwich? Katsutei’s Japadog costs Php100 and comes with your choice of wasabi or teriyaki mayo dressing. If you want fries and regular drink with it, just cough up Php135 and you’ll finally get the chance to try something different for a change.

Katsutei - Japadog


The only time I got to taste delicious gyoza was when my mother brought homemade gyoza given to her by a Chinese nun. The dumpling filling was light yet flavorful, and the covering had the right thickness to absorb enough sauce. And Katsutei’s is on that same level, really.

Katsutei - Gyoza

I love the fact that each dumpling has been meticulously made so it doesn’t break apart when handled. Three pieces will cost you Php60.

Shrimp Okonomiyaki (Japanese Omelette)

I’ve only tried Takoyaki from food stalls, but I know when an omelette is good when it fills me up and actually delicious! I didn’t expect a single serving could fill two to three persons, but it certainly looked like it could.

Katsutei - Shrimp Okonomiyaki

For Php85, you get value for you money as the omelette is rich with vegetables and sweet shrimp. Topped with boni flakes, mayo and a special sauce, Katsutei’s shrimp okonomiyaki is an ideal, affordable snack for people on a budget.

Green Tea Ice Cream

A scoop costs Phpp45, but it tastes so much like green tea and milk that you’ll be asking for more.

Katsutei - Green Tea Ice Cream

I also love that the ice cream does not leave a bitter taste in my mouth!

Ice Cream Furai

This dessert is simply chocoloate or vanilla ice cream covered in batter before fried. It is also delicious and only costs Php45 as well.

Katsutei - Ice Cream Furai

Katsutei - Ice Cream Furai - Chocolate

So When in Manila, do drop by Katsutei on Upper Ground Floor of SM North’s Annex building if you want to stretch your 500-peso bill’s spending power! A single meal can cost you less than Php150, and you get to enjoy good food in a place that is zen and calming.



Upper Ground Floor, near Save More


The Annex, SM North Edsa


Visit the Official Katsutei Website here!


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Katsutei: Tasty Japanese Food with Flair

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