Kathryn Bernardo made her Moroccan getaway extra stylish

For Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s 7th anniversary, they flew to Morocco to celebrate! And as seen on Kathryn’s Instagram posts, she really flaunted a whole lot of #OOTD inspos for all of us.

Scroll down if you must!

Do you just love the contrast on this? Coral ruffles on Chefchaouen’s azure walls. IT’S. ALL. IN. THE. DEETS.

Are you keen on details? Because Kath’s dangling earrings are definitely the perfect addition to that Chefchaouen picture.

Khaki on top of sand dunes? Color combination at its best! Also, that caption is funny.

Pro tip: always bring a scarf when you travel. It can be a very fashionable help, you know.

A gingham dress is always a good idea. Most especially when you’re traveling to a tropic place. It will never really go out of style.

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πŸ“Majorelle Garden

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It’s amazing how this couple really nailed it when it comes to picking appropriate outfits for their trip.

What do you think of their (extra stylish) Morrocan getaway?

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